Spring 2018

Thank you to all of our members for contributing so generously. We received more than $14,000.00 from over 340 members. We have members who have renewed their memberships and we welcomed new members since the Fall, 2017 newsletters were mailed.
Stanley and Karen Kardas
Dolores Small (Inman)
William & Patricia Harding
Robert J Engelhart
Peter C Bunnwll
The Hochberg Family
Anita L Reiners
Mary H Rivenburgh
Pellard Family
Dominic J F Frank
Mrs Roberta L Waldron
Michael & Antonia Murphy
We have received 2018 -2019 memberships and those names will appear in the Fall newsletter.

     Sadly, Mr. Arthur W Kaiser, Mr David R Gagliardy, Mrs Vicki J Fells, Mr Harold Goldstein, Mr Raymond A Casazza, Mr Charles H Fells Sr, Ms Jean Kalamucki and Mrs Lucille V Neener have passed away and we send our sympathy to their family and friends.

     We were all saddened and shocked by the deaths of Charlie and Vicki Fells who had just retired as Superintendent and Office Manager respectfully. We shall remember their dedication and accomplishments over their 40 plus years of stewardship. Vicki served as a member of the board of the Friends of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery and Charlie was always advising us as to what projects should be funded by the generous contributions of our members. Trees were planted, fountains in the pond were maintained, structures were rehabilitated and contributions toward record digitalization were encouraged. Along with the participation of the office and ground staff we offered tours and were able to share the beauty and history of the cemetery. It was appropriate that their funeral services were held in the chapel of the community mausoleum where they are entombed.

     Our annual meeting was held on April 10. Thank you to all who returned proxies so that a quorum was reached. The Treasury showed a balance of over $27,000.00. Mellina Weiss will continue as President. Steven Mann will serve as Secretary-Treasurer. We don’t currently have a Vice-President, but that office will be filled at the next board meeting. Superintendent Brian Berryann reported that the cemetery landscape is being revitalized. Overgrown shrubs have been removed in the area just inside the main entrance. Trees impacting the integrity of the trolley station roof have been removed so the sun can help keep the roof dry. There is an added benefit in that the structure is now visible from the road. This past winter storms uprooted several large trees and others lost limbs so extensive tree pruning was done. A low maintenance garden on the island in the pond that will attract bees, butterflies and small birds will be a project that will be started this year and continue to be upgraded over the years. The “Friends” plays a huge role in funding all or a significant part of these projects thanks to the contributions of our members and to the donations of those who prefer to be non-members.

     The board meets on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 12:00 noon at the cemetery office. All members are welcome.  The United States and Military Service Flags will be displayed at the cemetery entrance Memorial Day and Independence Day in honor of those who served and are serving.

     In each newsletter we include an article about the history of the cemetery and the story of those who rest here. Steven Mann has graciously provided “The Smiley Brothers“.

     We continue as a volunteer group. Anything we purchase is given to the cemetery. We remain grateful to the Staff of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. The office and the grounds staff assist us with all of our projects in addition to performing all their cemetery duties. We would not be able to pursue our activities without their help.

     If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the newsletter, projects or possible future activities for the “Friends” please call Mellina Weiss at (845) 473-5540


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