Friends Of Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery

The Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery is a Hudson Valley landmark of approximately one hundred and fifty acres located on the east bank of the majestic Hudson River and we are the “Friends” of this beautiful site. We were organized in 2003 at the time of the cemetery’s 150th anniversary celebration and have designation as a 501 C3 organization.

Our purpose is to provide information to the public regarding the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, to promote the appreciation of the cemetery’s cultural, historic and natural resources, to enlighten visitors to the cemetery and to assist the Board of Trustees as requested to maintain the cemetery

Tree planting and pruning

Who Does Not Appreciate The Beauty Of A Tree? Who Does Not Realize The Importance Of Trees As Part Of Our Environment. The Cemetery Is Over 150 Years Old And Many Of Our Large, Stately Trees Are In Their Declining Stages.

Fountain repair, maintenance and replacement

As Children Many Of Us Remember Coming To Feed The Ducks In The Pond Located In The Southwestern Part Of The Cemetery – A Fond Memory. The Ducks Still Swim In The Pond Along With The Geese

Holiday flag display and replacement of worn out flags

The Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery Is The Final Resting Place For So Many Men And Women Who Served Our Country In The Military Services. On Memorial Day, Independence Day And Veterans Day

Replacement of section signs

Old and battered section signs are being replaced annually with new ones. The friends of Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery has pledged to replace 10 signs per year. No detail was overlooked and we have even included an acorn finial to honor Matthew Vassar, one of our founding committee members, founder of Vassar college and resident of our beautiful cemetery.

Yearly walking tour

Every year in the fall, we host a Guided Living History Tour featuring noteworthy folks who are buried throughout our cemetery. Tickets sell quickly! Tours are advertised in the Poughkeepsie Journal and announced on the cemetery’s Facebook page.

Twice yearly newsletter

Please click here to download our newsletters, which provide comprehensive updates on the efforts we make at the Friends of Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery.

“A cemetery is a history of people – a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today. A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering – always.”

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Friends of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, Inc.

342 South Avenue
PO Box 977

Poughkeepsie, NY 12602-0977

Cemetery Grounds Hours

Open Every Day All Year
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Interior Mausoleum Hours:
9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Daily

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