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The following articles are written by Steven Mann

The Sundial Monument

The Poughkeepsie Potter

An Unassuming Gentleman

Smith Thompson - US Supreme Court Justice

The Trolley Waiting Shelter

The Smith Brothers

Judge Jane M. Bolin

Margaret Hamilton

“Livingston’s Yuletide Legacy"

Amongst the Dead at the Cemetery - Two Who Died in a Shipwreck in Nova Scotia

Two State Representatives Who Ran Against Each Other

The DeGarmo And Smith Men of Luckey, Platt & Co, Poughkeepsie, NY

"A Humble Man of the Cloth Rests at Poughkeepsie Rural, But He Almost Did Not" by Steven Mann


The following are written by Ginny Buechele and are reflections of some of the places unique to the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery

“Here, away from the hum of the crowded thoroughfare….”

Homecoming - Arthur Carl Miller

Exploring Grandfather/Grandson Avenues

The Frost Mausoleum

The Venerable Bishop - Horatio Potter

The Bech Mausoleum 

Wesley Smead (1800-1871) “Finally” at Rest 1879

J. E. SPINGARN of TROUTBECK, AMENIA, NY - 1875 - 1939 
The Rust Plaets
Reflections on The First Interments;
Little Flowers Gone Too Young, But Not Forgotten




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