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Newsletters are published in the Spring and Fall

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Thank you to all of our members for contributing so generously. We received more than $13,000.00 from over 320 members. A list of current members as of October 11, 2016 is included with this newsletter. If we have misspelled a name or forgotten someone please let us know.

Sadly, Mr. Fred H. Otte, Mr. Elmond Houghtaling, Mr. Walter P. Diesing and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Russell have passed away and we send our sincere sympathy to their families and friends.

We remain grateful to our members not only for their donations, but also for their comments. Most are regarding the beauty and excellent maintenance of the cemetery and these are passed on to the grounds staff. We receive changes of address notices and these are shared with office staff so records are constantly updated. We receive suggestions for newsletter articles and for projects. We receive the occasional criticism and these are shared appropriately, acted upon and answered. So please continue to send them.

Tree pruning is scheduled for this Fall and we hope that several trees can be planted. If weather impacts the tree planting plan then it will be postponed until Spring.

The United States and Military Service Flags will be displayed at the cemetery entrance on Veterans Day. We are proud of our country, grateful for our freedom and we pay tribute to all the men and women who have kept us free and we honor those who still serve

In each newsletter we include an article about the history of the cemetery and those who rest here. One of our members has requested that we recognize the Tower Family. With additional research provided by the office staff of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery and innumerable internet searches Steven Mann has graciously provided us with "An Unassuming Gentleman".

We continue as a volunteer group. Anything we purchase is given to the cemetery. We remain grateful to the Staff of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. The office and the grounds staff assist us with all of our projects in addition to performing all their cemetery duties. We would not be able to pursue our activities without their help

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the newsletter, projects or possible future activities for the "Friends" please call Mellina Weiss at (845) 473-5540


Membership Friends of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery Inc 2016 - 2017

Denise Ann Ackerman and Family
Dale Shorter Adams
Shirley A Adams
Aram J Agajanian
Marie Agamine
Florace D Allen
The Bohan-Allgaier Family
Damian J and Carol A Amodeo
Paul and Nancy Amy
Robert Antunovich
Bill Ayres in memory of Robert Ayres Sr, Vivian Ayres and Robert Ayres Jr
Phebe and George Banta
James and Judith Barba
Mary Ellen Barlow
Kathleen and Scott Baright
Lorraine S Benjamin
Ronald A Berg Sr
Jane M Bernhard
The Bianchetto Family
Margaret and Darryl Bielski
Mrs Raymond C Bierce
Ms Beverly Biederbeck
Lesya I Bishop
Jill Blitzer
Shirley Bodley
Irene Rouf Bordes
Dorothy Botsford
Emma Greene Bradley
Jimmy Branch in memory of mother Mrs Jessie Branch, daughter Titi Branch and father Charles A Branch
Lori Brands
Barbara Broas
Arvenia J Brown
Cynthia Brown
Stephanie Brown Daughter of Ethel Porter
Harold and Carole Buchner, Sun Up Enterprises Inc
To our beloved Geraldine Boone Bush from husband Nate and all her children: Davey who is remembered with love, Stevie, Lester, Nanette, Merritta and Falette
Rosemary and Roland Butts
Therese Cameron
Barbara Capralos
Kay Carlson
Barbara Carpenter
Daniele F Cassels
Dr and Mrs Vincent J Catalano
Andrew J Ceroni
Patricia P Chase-Slee
Jackie Chatfield
Richard Chazen
Yain Fuu Chiu in memory of Father Ho T Chiu
Susan T Chu
Joseph V Cilione
Peter F Cimorelli
In memory of John E Cleary Jr
Ann F Clegg in memory of George L Clegg
Patricia and John Colemam
Nancy Compton
Barbara J Conklin
Vinnie-Louise Hannan Coonradt
Frederick Corrado in memory of Margaret Corrado
The Cosgrove Family
Kathryn M Croce
Pinar T Cohen in memory of Can Tekben
David W Cundy
Kevin T Coyne
Kenneth D Crowe in memory of Mary C Crowe
Mrs Erma Dancy
A Das
Ms Barrie L Davis
Sharon and Dick Day
Carol W Dean
Ray and Linda Delamarter
Patricia T DeLease
Lillian De Pasquale
In memory of Tony And Connie DiPietrantonio
Mr and Mrs William DeStefano
Patrick DeTomaso
Dorothy and Walter Diesing
Tom and Regina DiGovanni
Joan and Vincent DiMaso
Francine DiPolito
Ms Fredlyn N Doelling
Georgene Simon Dreishpoon
Donald and Rosemary Durbeck
Nancy J Dow
June Duhamel
Jane Ellingwood
Shirley M Emrich
Joseph W & Beverly Reynolds Emsley
Wayne and Mary Farley
Beverly Farwell
Charles and Vicki Fells
Virginia Fenwick
Catherine C Filipowicz
The Fisher/Murphy Family
Edwin E Fitchett
Janice Foerschler
Ken Folster
C G Foster
Joan Foster
David and Rosanne Frederick
Inge Gabler
Kleo Galanos
Mrs Patricia Gayz
Marilyn and Stan Germond
Angela and David Gerth
William D Ghee Joyce C Ghee
In memory of Curt Ginader
Dan, Liz and Jeff Ginsberg
Dr and Mrs Joseph F Gioia
Janice R Glass
Stephan Jay Gold
Harold Goldstein
Aurea Gonzalez
Greg Goth
Barbara and Douglas Gould
Michael and Clare Graham
Joseph E Granda
John F Greene and the Family of C Frank and Muriel M Greene
William Grant Love Cheryl, Brigette, Chris and Audrey Jane
Valerie Greene
Christine Kimble
Linda L Hacksteiner
Paul O Hadden
Marjorie E Haight
Elizabeth F Halstead
Kenneth T Halstead
The Hamel Family
Mae M Hamm
Anthony Michael Hanlon
Perry P Hatch Sr
H Quimby Heotzler
William Hickey and Ruth Bergman
Daniel and Paulette Hoffman
Mr and Mrs Edward Holsopple Sr
Christina M Houghtaling
In memory of Corine and Elmond Houghtaling
Antoinette R Howell
Hudson River Truck & Trailer
Ronald and Doris Hummel
Kurt Ilker in memory of mother Roselyn Ilker
Lorraine Ingwall
Dolores Small (Inman)
Anthony L Ippolito
John and Patricia Isbirian
Henry D Johnson
Fran Johnson
Gary Jones
Jean Kalamucki
Bozena Kalocay
Alice Emssley Kanan
Harriett T Keating
Virginia Heaton Keller
David and Mary Kelley
Barry and Donna Kesting
Yvonne Kilpatrick
Aubrey and Nancy Kinney
Family of Martin J Kirwin
Joan L Kleinegris
William D Knauss
Franciszka Kobaljo in memory of husband Edward and son Edward Jr
Raymond Koloski MD
Stephanie W Krom
Evelyn Krueger
D L "Budd" Kuhns
Celie Kustas
Bernice Kirk Lacks
Siegfried and Irene Lahl
The Lainis Family in memory of John P Lainis
Martha E Langton
Mrs Barbara LaPietra
The Family of Sandra Lassman
The Leadbitter Family
Leonelli Family
Richard and Mary Lou Lindholm
Henry J and Helen M Lines
Michael Lippus from Virginia Choy Lippus
Carol Ann Lucas
Stephen P Lumb
Anthony Lupparelli in memory of Nate and Josephine Lupparelli
Sarah Lyons
Bill and Velvet McCausland
Joan B Mc Cluskey in memory of James L McCluskey
Sharon E McCue
Robert W McDowell
McHoul Funeral Home Hopewell Junction and Fishkill
Donald and Vera McIntosh
Waltraud I Mack
Rebecca Mackin
Joseph E MacLeod
Mrs George Macy
Main Printing
Michael R Makar
Marion Mandra
Matt and Lynn Maneri
The family of D'Maris Mangelsdorf
Steven Mann
Ann Marie Mannese
John and Barbara Marmillo
P Carole Marsh
Diane M Martin in remembrance of Roland S Martin
Joanne Martin
Betty Martino
Robin Masi in memory of Noble Masi
Suzette Mentavlos and Connie Mastroeni in memory of Charles Mentavlos
Gene D Mentzer
Elizabeth Miller
E Victoria Miller
William Miller
Michael and Karen Minogue
Sue and Rick Mitchell
Yorke Bolin Mizelle
The Moehringer Family
Patricia Molloy
Barb Montross
John B Montville
Robert C Moran
Jeanette Morris
Barbara Mosher
Mrs Gloria D Mulford
Virginia Nassar and Family
Margaret and Jim Nelson
Edgerton Grant North Jr
Joseph P and Clara O'Brien
Ida M Oliver
Leo O'Mara
John And Nancy O'Shea
Debbie Paesano
Cynthia Osika Pagnotta
Millie and Sam Pakrad
John and Nancy Palmer
Ann and Don Parfet
Lorraine and Dennis Parker
Mrs Wayne Parker
Marjorie M Pelton
Christine Petrone
Barbara A Pierce
Margaret Pierson
Fernando Piney
Eulalia Pixley and Family
Polistena Family
Lorraine M Prisco in memory of Albert J Prisco
Bronwen Parry Pritchard
George E Prokupek
Marilyn H Pukmel
Doris Purchase
Dorothy B Pyle
Jill Quell
Henry L Raiche
Frances Rappoccio
Albert and Marion Ratschki
Carol A Reavy
Ruth L Reid
Anita L Reiners
Rick and Shilley Reuman
Marco M Ricco
Ring Family
M Rivenburgh
Mrs Francis U Ritz
Mr and Mrs Kevin and Elizabeth Rivers
Albert and Julia Rosenblatt
Karen Runza in memory of grandmother Virginia Traver and mother Arden Neilson
Diane Russell
Elizabeth A Russell
Anna Odell and Elena Rutherfurd
Carol Wood Ryan
Dennis and Denise St Andrew
Cynthia, Glenn and Alexander Salberg in memory of Pauline Papastrat
Judy Sanford
Angelo R Sangiovanni
Sandra Schimmel
The Robert Schuelke Family
Fred Schwinger
Ms Joan Seifts
Sette / North Family
Dr Samuel and Gail Simon
Priscilla Simpson in memory of Walter E Simpson
Art Skillman
Joanne Spadaro Smith
Theresa Spadavecchia
Leo Spinelli
Ivars Sprogis MD
Rocco Staino
James J Stella
Ann Stellar
Richard E Stigbert
Joanne Niles Stoller
Sweets's Funeral Home Inc
Barbara M Tarantino for Llewelyn and Charlotte DeLease
Frank Tempestilli
Michael Terpak
Wayne and Wendy Thatcher
In memory of Charlotte A Thomas
J B Tockarshewsky
Kenneth V Tooker II Family
Rodney Vaccaro
Jean M Vandenbrul
Patricia M Van Duser
In memory of Ferdinand P H Van Schoor and his wife Alfa M E Norman Van Schoor
Clyde R Vaughan Jr
Valere S Voorhees
Walden Family in memory of parents D W and Annie M Walden
Judith L Walker
Stephanie Scea-Walter
Nevart Wanger
Richard C Ward
Virginia W Waterman
James C Watkins
Alberta Watson
Patricia W Weber (Mrs Donald)
Sandra A Weber
Weidner Memorials
Mrs Helga Weiss
Mellina Weiss
Maria C Whalen
Barbara J White
Dorothy Jeanne White
Janet A White
The Flynns and the Wiests
William G Miller & Son Funeral Home Inc
Barbara Williams in memory of her husband Carlton Williams
Earl J Wilser
Dorothy Witherwax
Judy Wolf in memory of William Wolf
Barbara Post Yanik and Family
Ms Shirley Yereance
Charles H Young in memory of Dorothy R Young
Allan L Zeoli
Mrs Michael Zeoli
Dorothy Zieg
Louis C Zuccarello





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