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The “Friends of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, Inc.” has a very simple mission.  Our purpose is to provide information to the public regarding the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, to promote the appreciation of the cemetery’s cultural, historic and natural resources, to enlighten visitors to the cemetery and to assist the Board of Trustees as requested to maintain the cemetery

 Although we are a separate organization with our own Board and tax exempt status, we maintain a strong relationship with the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery Board of Trustees, the office staff and the grounds keeping and maintenance staff.  We would not be able to function without their expertise, their guidance and their assistance and for that we are grateful.

 The Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery maintains a wonderful and informative web site
and we encourage you to visit it and to read the sections titled “Our History” and “A Walking Tour”.  
You will be impressed.






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